Cynefin exemplar kits

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List of methods / Cynefin® specific methods

These are prepared sets of exemplar turning points, stories etc which can be used in the Cynefin® creation methods, four corners or four tables methods for the constructing of Cynefin

Kits can be prepared using the approach adopted in Butterfly stamping or variants thereof

The wiki page for each kit should contain links to examples of use, including the creative use so that participants can look at what other people have done

Kits are preferred to creating exemplars in the training itself but when undertaking contextualisation in a business context the exemplars should come from the collected data

Exemplar kits should have the three extreme markers predefined in quasi-narrative/questioning form (for three points but we need 4 for four corners and four tables).

A generic A2 or A1 worksheet is needed - ideally, a circle with a faint triangle pre-drawn

List of kits

Each kit should be a separate article and we need a template. Note the exemplars for linear contectualisation are listed on the page

Standard Exemplar Kit for Three Points
Ordered We can find out what to do, either we all know or experts can help us to predict outcome
Complex No way to predict the outcome, need to follow multiple approaches
Chaos Critical to act immediately as things are random
Standard Exemplar Kit for Four Corners/Tables
Clear Have seen it before and you know what to do
Complicated You know someone who could work it out with some analysis
Complex There are competing hypotheses about what is happening
Chaos There is no structure and everything is chaotic in nature