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Field of work

The general field of work is known as Naturalising Sense-making which provides a loose constraint on content.

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Methods can be major or minor, the former requiring some form of training and experiences. The latter tend to be swept up in the broad category of complex facilitation. Some methods require a knowledge of supporting theory (described in the concept pieces).

Principles are often in the form of a heuristic to provide an easily memorable reminded of how to do things and can be supported by metaphors and checklists.

Frameworks such as Cynefin® can be a method, or require methods for their operation.

Assemblies are as the name suggests an assembly of methods, frameworks and concepts, which require mentoring in the approach as a whole as well as training in the various components.

Software such as SenseMaker® are also referred to as tools and are generally supported by methods and concepts.

All of these are supported by cases.

Cynefin® Centre activities


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