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Cynefin.io for Contributors (Editors)

Start here if you would like to join the community of contributors/editors developing this Wiki.

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All material in this wiki is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, unless otherwise indicated on a specific page. Additional terms may apply
Getting Started as a Contributor Code of Conduct
By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy • Cynefin® is a registered trademark of Cognitive Edge Pte Ltd.
If you're here to join us, that's great: please take a look around, start following your nose and get stuck in. Above all, please connect with members of the community, here and/or via our Slack channels.
Join the Cynefin® Community on Slack
Our Slack group can be found at: cynefincommunity.slack.com. If you'd like access to the community slack group please enter your details into this form.
Signing up as a Wiki Contributer
In order to contribute you'll need to apply for your wiki login credentials and you can do that via this form. You'll be notified by email of your userid and password.
Join a 1-on-1 Wiki walk-through session
If you are not familiar with the concept of wiki's or would like like a walk-through as an introduction you can register here and you'll be contacted by a fellow contributor who will arrange a time for a zoom call to get you started. If you're looking for support on advanced wiki skills, you can also request that through the same form.
Become a Wiki walk-through host
If you've recently started to use the wiki, then you're a great candidate for a wiki walk-through host as people who recently learned a skill tend to be more effective at teaching than those who are long time experts. You can apply via this form and well look to take you through some training in how to support wiki contributors. If you have advanced wiki skills, you can apply to host advanced wiki training sessions for contributors who have mastered the basics.
If you need help or to make general contact
You can submit your questions, comments, concerns and contributions via this form and a fellow contributor will look to assist you.
Getting Started
When you've found a page of interest and want to contribute please take a few minutes to review the talk (Discussion) page and check on the current status and discussion. You may find that the points you would like to make are already being reviewed and if not the people involved in discussion will be a good sounding board if you are proposing major changes. If you are looking at making a substantial change or introduce a new topic please consider using a sandbox (add link to using sandboxes)
Wiki editing basics
The getting started guide will help you the basics of:
  • Creating your user profile page
  • Creating your signature
  • Validating your email (this is needed so you can reset your password)
  • Helpful tips
And please use Markup in preference to HTML in your edits as discussed in the style sheet
Wiki Conventions
The use of a wiki is based on a consensual approach and this is the way it typically operates
The Be BOLD. Revert. Discuss, that is BRD is the consensus style for collaboration on the Cynefin.io wiki.
You can read about this here BRD Cycle to understand how this is typically implemented before going any further.
And read Reaching Consensus to understand the consensus process more clearly.

On the technical side

The style sheet outlines the basic editing conventions
MediaWiki Editing Pages can provide more detail and a kind of cheat sheet to getting the formatting right
What to Edit
There is a priority list maintained for items that currently need to be addressed such as the EU Field Guide. The list is here: