List of priority items

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April: Tidying up

New contributors

All wiki contributors should first create their user page so we know who you are!

Specific pages requiring editing

If you see something you think needs doing, add it here for the community to collaborate on.
If you're not sure how to add it here, send a message via the contact form.

Page Edits requested Sub-topics Date requested Status
Add new items here
QQE Matrix To be replaced by Dependency matrix and deleted Page emptied and redirected. Linked pages revision complete Apr 19, 2021 Page deletion pending
Definitions To be merged into Glossary and deleted Content merge into Glossary complete. Linked pages revision complete Mid Apr Page deletion pending
Constraint mapping Assemblage to be outlined Need to document each of the constraints types Mid Apr Requires review
Knowledge mapping Similar to constraint mapping the assemblage needs to be outlined and example added Mid Apr Requires review
Entangled trios Page updated and flow addressed but needs review Mid Apr Requires review
Community forms Test and review forms for general use 28 March Minimal
Contributor community Welcoming introduction to potential new community members 28 March Nil
Decision log Add significant decisions to date surrounding the wiki 28 March Nil
Glossary Short definitions completed in second column 17 March Done
Complex facilitation Tidy up and formatting. Some material may be better in separate articles. Early March Requires review
Framework articles Need to be created from Dave's latest blog posts then structured and tidied up. Early March Requires review
Linear construction of Cynefin Ready for review and revision Late Feb Requires review
Safe to fail probes New forms, refinement needed Late Feb Requires review

Pages to populate

Add any books you've heard Dave recommend
We need to create descriptions and summaries of all relevant video content to make it easier for people to know what to watch
Add podcasts Dave or Cynefin is featured in
Add Cynefin specific events, and community events

Ongoing tasks

  • Grammar and spelling
  • Add references
  • Improve references using MediaWiki syntax rather than the basis <ref>text</ref> form

Structural tasks

  • Ensure pages are edited to be in line with Page Templates
  • Review templates as once they start to get used changes will be more difficult.