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February: Episode #149 video (1hr 27mins)

Talk with Dave Snowden covering – The latest (and final) incarnation of Cynefin® – Snowden vs Taleb, Snowden vs Stacey – Sense-making unpacked – Slaying fluffy bunnies.

March: Agile to agility Episode #7 video (54mins)

Talk between Dave Snowden and Miljan Bajic.


Agile20Reflect (32 mins)

Talk with Dave Snowden and Scott Seivwright about Convivial Debating, including discussion on the enabling constraints of Wikipedias Civility guidance.


TedX (18 mins)

TEDx talk by Dave Snowden covers basics of complexity, the childrens' party story and material on citizen engagement through young people.


Welsh Leadership event(1hr 11mins)

Dave Snowden covering Cynefin® and SenseMaker®


Risk and Resilience Cognitive Edge (10 mins)

Talk with Dave Snowden covering Risk and Resilience.


Introduction to the Cynefin® Framework (8 mins)

Dave Snowden introduces the Cynefin® Framework with a brief explanation of its origin and evolution and a detailed discussion of its architecture and function.


Complexity approach to a Children's Party (3 mins)

The Children's Party Story introduces the nature of systems and complexity through the use of a simple metaphor that resonates widely. One of the key learning stories from Cognitive Edge.

Maverick thinking gets ignored by Experts in Complex Situations (6 mins)

Mavericks and accidents, not experts, are responsible for many advances in society and organisations. Dave Snowden warns that in complex situations, experts can fall victim to their own thinking, and fail to see innovative solutions to novel problems.

Apollo13 Discussion for Innovation (2 mins)

A common mistake in management today is to confuse creativity and innovation. There are three necessary but not sufficient conditions for innovation starvation, pressure and perspective shift. This idea is illustrated in this video using the story of Apollo 13.