List of current issues

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Current technical issues which require an admin. For archives, see List of current issues/Archive

New items awaiting allocation by an admin


Priority issues

  1. Allow pubic creation of an ID - for a discussion please see Public creation requirements on hold
  2. Legal agreements, privacy policy etc. into the standard footers

Second tranche issues

  1. Create templates, copying over from wikipedia as needed, that includes things like {{u|username}} and so on
    1. Enable bibliographies (not sure if this is the same as the citations entry) - Dave may like a reading list (as a bibliography so that entries can be referenced through the text), I could do with a bibliography associated with the workbench community work (we will need more than on in the site because my one will be focused on statistics and computing, Dave and others mainly consulting and academic work in anthro-complexity). In all cases the bibliographies need to be pages that can be referenced on their own not just as links (I assume this is a wiki principle anyway)