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Priority issues

  1. Change text to in header but keep the logo and put a version in images for people to download  Done
  2. Please add {{collapse top}} {{collapse bottom}}  Done See {{collapse top}}
  3. The ability to email uses is not on the tools list - See: File:Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 7.04.31 PM.png, it is working fine. If you do not find any link of "Email this user" on their user page then it means they do not have email attached to their username.
    Jay thanks for checking and confirming this works - I'll add this to the list of activities for new editors Gregbtalk 08:51, 24 March 2021 (UTC)
  4. Replying to an email from the wiki results in an undeliverable message  Done
  5. Investigate options for responsive support - we would like to understand if we can structure this along the lines of wikidata - Gregbtalk 08:51, 24 March 2021 (UTC)
    @GregBro:  Done Templates and styles has been created. See Main Page/Sandbox for sandbox page and User:Jay0/Mainpage/docs for documention.
  6. Would it be possible to add 'last six pages' visited to the menu on the left as this would be useful for editors - Gregbtalk 08:52, 24 March 2021 (UTC)  Done < br/> ::Thanks Jay

Second tranche issues

  1. Citation extensions / installing citation extension
  2. Create templates, copying over from wikipedia as needed, that includes things like {{u|username}} and so on
    1. Triad template. Create an equilateral triangle and enable user to define a heading and labels for the left, top and right triad corners.
    2. Are there any global search and replace options within mediawiki? This would be helpful if it is not built in.  Done See: Special:ReplaceText
    3. Proposal: add {{Blockquote}} and {{Rquote}} templates  Done, Template:Blockquote and Template:Rquote
  3. Install maths latex editor capability Extensions Math and I am not sure if this is part of it or something else Displaying a formula
  4. Fun stuff and stars to go on people's user page - see my userpage (User:Snowded) on WIkipedia for examples
    1.  Done Wikilove extension is installed. Now any user goes to other user's page then he will see heart icon for to give barnstar
    2.  Done Some templates created. See User:Jay0/CreatedTemplates. Let me know if more templates need.
  5. Add thank you option on edits  Done
  6. Error on password reset link (">" in URL link)  Done
  7. Upload Cynefin® favicon so wiki tabs can be easily identified in browser - MediaWiki Manual Favicon  Done
  8. Make 'dirty' mediawiki urls, clean (remove the index.php etc, helps with SEO and general user naviagtion) MediaWiki guide  Done
  9. Add Book infobox capability to the wiki - for book summaries - first one is Dynamics in Action (p.s. Thanks Jay for doing the other items!)  Done See Template:Infobox Book/Sandbox
  10. Add support for upload and storage of pdfed such as
     Done All the packages has been installed and pdf upload has been enabled. I uploaded File:Butterfly-Stamping-Items-Avery-Labels-5195.pdf file. Now you can use the file in pages by putting [[File:Butterfly-Stamping-Items-Avery-Labels-5195.pdf|page=1|500px]] code. - Have add it to via domain link for now so behaviour is the same as an externally linked file
  11. Upload Gary's set for butterfly stamping - see - have converted to pdf and uploaded. Linked via domain name for now but needs to be converted to relative
  12. Adding facility for responsive blocks on landing pages as on Wikidata & mobile extensions installed / deployed to allow Wikidata templates?  Done Mobile extensions has been deployed. Now you can see "Mobile View" at bottom of the page.
  13. SVG pictures are not allowed for upload. -----Luca OrlassinoT-A-L-K 09:54, 10 April 2021 (UTC)  Done, see File:Test location map.svg
  14. Proposal: add {{columns-list}} and {{Reflist}} templates -  Done
  15. Request to install the extension ImageMap please.  Done See
  16. Apparently, the {{Rquote}} template is working correctly (i.e. showing quote marks) in some pages, but not in others (see linked examples)  Done See User:Jay0/Using_ImageMap