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All methods within the wiki are used within facilitation packs.

The packs are based on the metaphor of a chef who can combine and recombine different ingredients, and social contexts to create a unique meal. The facilitation packs thus allow a shift away from linear processes, which tend to be context-independent in a context-dependent environment. By allowing the ready combination of Cynefin and other methods in novel assemblages we create a multi-vendor alternative to highly structured processes. It also allows for recombination of material from different sources. It is therefore important that the various methods within the wiki and in the extension packs are codified at their lowest level of coherent granularity; we should not assume a particular assembly or suggest linear processes.

In addition to the various Cynefin methods, extension packs are in production, this includes but is not limited to:

Please copy over the working template from the Agile pack for the moment - we are just listing methods. A template will be created for the second tranche of work

List of ideas for candidate packs below