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Overview of what the Assemblage is all about - its purpose and in what circumstances it is used (including variations, high level)

Name and history

Notes about the origin and subsequent developments of the method.

Prior knowledge

List of concepts and necessary understanding to use the assemblage. This includes:

  • any key Principles that need emphasising in this context
  • Supporting Theory - field of practice, philosophy, contextualisation in complexity

Core assembly/age methods

  • linking to individual Method pages

Assemblage flows / Combining methods

  • Hexie approach – methods to be combined and re-combined
  • Typical flow/s - fundamental phases/parts to the process with notes re which Methods are used where. May be graphical especially if not linear.
  • Special cases / alternative flows
  • Any special heuristics and principles for combining and recombining methods

Facilitation skills required

Facilitation skills required - please note any special skills or complex facilitation experience and if so, what this should focus on. General principles are set out in in the facilitation article.

Do's and don'ts

Simple bulleted list including common mistakes Practices, tips, heuristics, do’s and don’ts etc

Virtual running

Default is to state that it cannot be until we have developed and tested practice. If it can be run virtually then we describe it here.


Link to other articles on this wiki if they are relevant.


Specific articles can be referenced here

Blog posts

Link with commentary


Link to case articles here or third party material

Related methods and approaches

This section is intended for third party approaches that may help gain insight into the method. Any methods that are on the wiki should be referenced in the above sections.

Method card material

This material will be extracted for the method cards

Possible symbols or illustrations

Front page description

Tweet length

Back of card summary

Text limit to come but this should be a simple summary of the key stages or aspects

How can it be used?

for diagnosis

for analysis/understanding

for intervention