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Exaptation, also radical repurposing, is is the taking of an idea, concept, tool, method, framework, etc., intended to address one thing, and using it to address a different thing, often in another domain.


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Exaptation is defined by (Andrews et al. 2002, Buller 2005, 84) through its frequent use in evolutionary psychology, whereby “exaptation” is understood as follows: “T is exaptation if and only if T is now adaptive for F, and (a) T was selected for F’ (where F and F’ are different), or (b) T is a by-product of a different adaptation T”


  • Biology and evolution
    • Cerebellum evolution in higher apes to manipulate muscles in fingers and subsequent exaptation in humans to manage grammar in language
    • Dendronization [1] in plants that evolved to produce wood
    • Feathered dinosaurs evolving into birds
  • Business and technology
    • Microwave ovens
    • Pharma-related side-effects example
    • IBM's 18th century punchcard repurposing for data processing

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Articles and books

  • Cattani, Gino & Andriani, Pierpaolo. (2016). Exaptation as source of creativity, innovation, and diversity: introduction to the Special Section. Industrial and Corporate Change. 25. 115-131.
  • Andrews P., Gangestad S., and Mathews D., (2002) “Adaptionism - How to carry out an Exaptionist program “ Behavioural and Brain Sciences 25: 489-553
  • Cristoforo Armeno (1557) Peregrinaggio di tre giovani figliuoli del re di Serendippo, Per opra di M. Christoforo Armeno dalla Persiana nell'Italiana lingua trapportato. Venezia, Michele Tramezzino.

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Other references

  1. https://eukaryotewritesblog.com/2021/05/02/theres-no-such-thing-as-a-tree/ "To abstract a little more, there is a common and useful structure in herbaceous plants that, when slightly tweaked, “dendronizes” them into woody plants."