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Represented by symbols - interpretation/voting scales are:


How resource-intensive in terms of materials and tools required, and thus costs?

  1. Requires only common office equipment (e.g. paper and pens)
  2. Requires simple facilitation materials (special hexies, printouts, whiteboards etc)
  3. Requires some inexpensive but specific tools and materials
  4. Requires moderate investment in tools or software to apply
  5. Requires significant investment in software or other specialist tools


How much training and skill is required? Skills include facilitation and a knowedge

  1. No special skill or experience is required
  2. Some skills and experience are needed - get trained and practice in a safe space
  3. Should have initial mentoring to develop skills and experience
  4. Requires mentoring until skills are clearly demonstrated, some familiarity with theory critical in some cases
  5. Advanced, requires deep knowledge of theory and substantial experience


How challenging is the engagement of participants likely to be?

  1. Adhoc technique - can be used in multiple contexts with relative ease
  2. Requires time commitment but overall, engaging and not difficult to achieve
  3. Mild uncertainty or discomfort may need work to keep people engaged
  4. Indirect/ambiguous, requires engagement through sustained levels of uncertainty
  5. Challenging – may incur resistance if people expect a more traditional approach