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Hexi kits use various conventions to provide continuity over different kits:

  1. Assembly which is a summary name for various combinations of other types. For example, Knowledge Mapping can include Decision Mapping, ASHEN framework, decision-maker needs, Dependency Matrix & Cynefin or others. An Assembly can create a marker for a more detailed breakdown or can act as a summary for a breakdown. (One colour/type on disposable hexi will be reserved for this)
  2. Facilitation Aids are used as markers for brainstorming
  3. Frameworks which may also serve as methods in use, they can be in picture form or memonics
  4. Methods
  5. Metrics/Measures
  6. Principles/Behaviours
  7. Quotes/Advice
  8. Skills are things that can be taught and measured unlike Principles/Behaviours
  9. Tools includes software
  10. Roles/Accountabilities