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Julie Cunningham works closely with organisations to help lift performance through capability cultivation. She leads the application of a growing body of work assisting organisations to work with and understand complexity, develop curiosity, explore disruption and identify blind spots through a brain savvy lens. This is aligned with growing emphasis to drive innovation, think differently and build sustainable capability.

Throughout Julie’s career she has been called upon to become the ‘trusted adviser’ in diverse situations. Her ability to quickly comprehend and analyse a wide variety of new information has enabled her to become a broker of knowledge, information and practical solutions. This very pragmatic approach allows her to very clearly identify solutions and opportunities for the needs of organisations while informing and educating the people with whom she works.

Julie has been working in the fields of leadership, learning and change for over two decades and since 2015 has been working more deeply in the fields of complexity and narrative. Julie is the lead contact in managing the relationship between Complexability and Cognitive Edge technical support team for all instances using SenseMaker® and SenseMaker® Pulse instruments. She is currently an authorised Cognitive Edge trainer, preferred partner for both Cognitive Edge and the Cynefin Centre and has been a Cynefin® Foundation Course facilitator since 2019.

Julie is an Associate with Complexability Pty Ltd based in Adelaide, Australia