Known Bugs

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This page is a list and explanation of all known bugs.

Bugs will be fixed, and will have tickets in the Development tracking system. But this is a go to place to see what is outstanding and if you find or know of anything not here, add it.

Current bugs in ToDo list

Stone graph crashing

A bug has been introduced into the stone graphs that is causing it to crash. We are working on this problem to fix as soon as possible.

Comma separated words in the word cloud search only searches on the first word


The comma separated list uses by default an OR search. For an AND search for now, use the short fix below.

Spaces now works, as do combinations of spaces and comas although a bit more edit checking required (e.g. if you type in ",," it probably will cause a problem.

Reported by Paul Ader.

To over come this as a short fix until the code is fixed, a solution is to filter each word at a time (not clearing between searches).

Also the code falls over if you place spaces between words instead of commas.

Selecting vertical on the layout options causes the workbench to crash

We are currently working on this issue -

Quick workaround for users. Select a small multiple in the small multiples tag (anything will do, just display a page of small multiple graphs) and then use the layout option change (to vertical) as you wish. It will work with this workaround.

This has been fixed and will be removed from the list here soon.

Dyad brush not working when brushing the left n columns n > 1

When the user brushes, say left 2 bars in the histogram, it only selects the second - the left bar is being left out.

This has been fixed and will be removed from the list here soon.

MCQ Bar Chart crashes when selecting colour by option

When user selects a colour option from the left menu, the MCQ bar charts simply crash.

Dyad Histogram shows white entries when coloured

If you specify a colour from the left menu on the Dyad histogram, the histogram has a white area in addition to the standard colours.

This is possibly NA values?

Selecting MCQ Bar causes bar chart graphs to crash

Put brush/click into filter (or both mode). This problem only occurs when filtering, not when list only. And only happens with multi-select MCQ, not single select MCQ.

Hover not working on Stones

The hover displays junk when mouse over a dot in the stone graph. This is likely due to the fragment not present in the data used for plotting stones.

Word cloud filtering crashes if you filter on a word not in the cloud

Word cloud not filtering on multiple words

You are suppose to be able to put multiple words separated by commas, but now nothing happens when you do this.

This has been fixed and will be removed soon

Word cloud seems to be picking up words from the prompt headers

Current bugs being worked on

Recent bugs fixed