Known Bugs

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This page is a list and explanation of all known bugs.

Bugs will be fixed, and will have tickets in the Development tracking system. But this is a go to place to see what is outstanding and if you find or know of anything not here, add it.

Current bugs in ToDo list

Fix awkward hover text in dot plots and add additional data

The current text should display over top of the graphs and not hide the background.

Add additional data selected by user - examples, additional text boxes, other signifier values.

Workbench keeps auto refreshing sometimes on right menu clicks

This is a difficult issue, a concurrency one probably. Sometimes when you click on the right menu, especially involving the manual refresh option, the refresh goes into an infinite loop.

CSV Export on titles does not translate MCQ Other boxes to titles

But instead exports as GUIDS

Small Multiples MCQ list picking up meta columns

The small multiples MCQ list is picking up all the meta-columns, which it shouldn't. Only those that are in the filter list should be showing.

CSV Export from API exports image prompts as URL links not IDs

Support ticket has been raised to see if the export can be changed to use IDs.

The implication of this problem is that image prompt filtering doesn't work for frameworks using the new framework layout

Temporary fix from the dev team until IDs are implemented completely

MCQ brush not working properly if left menu filter selected

If you execute a left menu filter prior to doing a filter brush in the MCQ bars, the brush filtering is picking up what looks like a random selection.

For now, to overcome this, you can do one of the following, which works

  1. Click instead of brush
  2. Do the brushing, then left menu select.
  3. Use the left menu entirely for the filtering (the left menu filters on the MCQs so in the MCQ bar charts, the brush and click is redundant in a way)

Small Multiples right hand menu update selection button never hides

if the use refresh button off, the update selection button doesn't hide.

The menu still works as the button effect is off - i.e. if you select an option it updates immediately without needing to press the update selection button

Some of the refresh button deselects looping and redisplaying action button

E.g. in the small multiples - when you click to remove action button it disappears and redisplays.

Length of left menu often too short

A hack fix has been made (inserting blank lines) until a css fix is completed

Dyad cross plot misbehaves when changing dyads

Where you can deselect/reselect dyad crosses to display, after displaying correctly, the system refreshes always returning the full cross dyad select.

Dyad plot x labels when displaying colour legend overlap

Left Framework filter list crunches at the bottom

Cross Dyads refreshes 3 times when selected

Something going wrong with all the reactive settings for it - so check out what is going wrong.

On selecting the cross dyads the whole page generation occurring three times.

Dyad Histogram shows white entries when coloured

If you specify a colour from the left menu on the Dyad histogram, the histogram has a white area in addition to the standard colours.

This is possibly NA values?

A fix was found for the small multiples so will be introducing the fix throughout the workbench

Right hand options complete, so this bug now fixed and entry will be removed from here soon

Word cloud filtering crashes if you filter on a word not in the cloud

Word cloud seems to be picking up words from the prompt headers

Not 100% sure - check and update (fix)

Image selector coming up blank

Although image selector is available as a colour selector, MCQ, and Framework filter, no data is actually displayed in it.

Screen flashing

The screen is flashing repeatedly between correct view and opaque view. This happens in a number of places including opening MCQ Bars, changing selection of Stones and changing the colour of the dots in tern diagrams. In the first two of these, the flashing stopped when the page update had completed following the change. However, in the third example, the flashing seemed to continue without ending. Flashing on the MCQ Bars and after changing the colour of the dots have been recorded and are available for reference at the following links. Support ticket 4001 refers. and

Triad zone selector not working in system filter after selecting a framework filter

Selection of a framework filter, in this case gender, blanks out the list of zones in the system filter.

Triad tern diagrams do not have the option to hide dots etc.

It would be helpful to be able to hide dots and/or selection counts and percentages on the tern triads. This functionality does not appear to be available at the current time.

Current bugs being worked on

Create addon and page to link to jira for workbench bugs and also add for platform.