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A number of issues surrounding the creation of public registration - this is all centred on security and avoiding spam account setup issues.

Jay has highlighted the standard templates for this that need to be in place to make it safe

  1. CheckUser
  2. Pending changes
  3. Abuse Filter
  4. AntiSpoof
  5. ConfirmEdit
  6. FancyCaptcha
  7. SpamBlacklist
  8. TitleBlacklist
  9. TorBlock
  10. LoginNotify

And these require a reasonable amount of effort to initiate.

Information on some of these Special pages

Discussion on this here please.

Hi Dave, Peter, and Ken!

Allowing public account creation is not hard at all. I just need to remove a line form LocalSettings.php file and it will enable account creation. But later, things will not be easy. Open wiki is an easy target for bots which do spam and promotional campaigning.  e.g I have a, a test wiki, on Wikimedia Toolforge. Even though it is a test platform wiki, campaign bots create spam pages. See


and many mores. Although, It does not have any impact on my site as that is test wiki but in your case, it can impact a lot. I have seen many outrages on wikis where bots created thousands of pages in an hour.  If this will be about someone's personal wiki then I will allow public account creation without discussing further. But since your wiki is a bussiness wiki then I am sure we should not take risks.

Wikipedia has some configuration to fight against spam and vandalism. Before making wiki open to everyone, there is a long steps document to follow. See:
So before enabling public account creation, I have to install and configure 10-12 extensions on current wiki which is already mentioned in above in the page. Most of the Wikipedian familiar with terms like CheckUser, sock puppet, and abuse filter. They know how important these extensions are. For long term, it will be useful to install and configure these extension but if you are expecting only 20-30 new users then I would suggest to go with manual account creation. If you are expecting more user then we can go these extensions. Since steps are very long so it will take reasonable amount. So now you all have to evaluate whether it is worth or not. I have good experience of making wiki spam proof so I am clear on my side. Waiting for your decision.-Jay0 (talk) 13:50, 22 February 2021 (UTC)