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A Workbench Module is a group of display tabs of output that in some sense coheres to some analytical purpose.


Modules are listed and selectable from the top of the left panel.

These are currently programmed into the core Workbench software, but it is planned to refactor the core code into R Shiny Modules as explained here.

This will enable both independent module development and plug and play deployment.

Plug and Play

Plug and play enables dynamic loading of Workbench functions based on the combination of selected licence, user, client, Workbench and framework/capture.

The flexibility of dynamic Workbench options at run time are:

  1. Avoiding clutter of features not required for any given context - at the same time ensuring that required options are obviously and easily accessible.
  2. Providing an experience pathway for users depending on their analytical skills and experience.
  3. Enabling advanced feature licencing and charging.

Independent Module Development

Modules, being plug and play, will enable third party contributions to the Workbench Development. these enable the following for the Workbench:

  1. Open source and open use components provided by the community, for the community.
  2. Specialised and commercial (and thus chargeable) components. Users will need to purchase a license to obtain access to these modules.
  3. An ever increasing set of useful tools for Sense making analytics for the SenseMaker® environment.