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This is work in progress and needs structuring and completing

The More Like This module enables users to select a fragment and then list other fragments within the workbench that are like the one selected. The like in that sentence means similar in terms of signification. It will pick up, within parameters set by the user, those fragments that are signified closely to the signification of the selected fragment.

Limitations in the Current Implementation

  1. Only triads are currently used.
  2. Only one fragment can be selected to find like fragments. At some point, it could be possible to have multiple fragment selections with more like all or any of the selected fragments.
  3. The display of matched fragments does not yet provide further analysis. Previous suggestions include:
    1. some form of individual fragment mapping, display or indication of the breakdown of individual selected more like this fragments. For example, demographic breakdown.
    2. some form of overall indication, indicating the make up of selected fragments.

Technical Notes

  1. More Like This Technical Calculations page