Parables as meaning making

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Plan is to present a parable each month and gain responses this intro needs expanding to explain the overall purpose and nature of sense-making

The list of potential parables is also available for editing

Signifier Design

What are the core concepts/abstractions appropriate to the field?

This is the equivalent of a literature search, concepts and ideas are then clustered and different asepcts become triad labels. It is critical that the level of abstraction is maintained and these may become symbols in some projects

Concept/idea list

  • types of soil
  • pathways
  • receptivity & response
  • seeds develop into plants
  • paradox
  • changes / resilience / sustainability
  • revelation
  • control that you don't have
  • agency of the sower
  • Not a drill, but a cast, not looking
  • Enchantment
  • readiness
  • distil key features of parables from Huffman, Norman A. “Atypical Features in the Parables of Jesus.” Journal of Biblical Literature, vol. 97, no. 2, 1978, pp. 207–220. JSTOR, Accessed 13 Apr. 2021.

Working Triads

I am title

I am top content.
Triangle without any margin.svg
I am left content
I am right content

What are the common hypotheses and other explicit aspects of understanding in the the field

These will become dyads or conventional scales

Dyad: In my example my interpretation is mainly about

Left: Purely Spiritual Right: Purely Physical

Where do we need to understand specific qualities or perspectives

These will become stones

Dimensions (the stones canvas)

Perspectives (the stones)

What questions have discrete answers?

This is where we get multi-choice questions

ones which relate to qualitative judgement

demographics and the like

Opening questions

Promoting question - if journaling will be minimal

Legal notice and GDPR stuff

will include permissions to share

Project explanatory text

This SenseMaker® project aims to collect stories about xxx. In this time of dramatic change, our lives are filled with daily moments and shifts that can have unexpected impacts. In light of the current pandemic and its disruptions to the practices of gathering that have previously defined religious and spiritual community life, this project aims to collect stories and insights about xxx

In this short questionnaire, we will prompt you to share a story about xxx and then answer a few questions about it. Your responses will contribute to a collection of stories, ideas, and experiences that will help shed light on how religious and spiritual communities around the globe may be xxx

Monthly options