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The book is designed to provide an academically vigorous underpinning to SenseMaker® which can be referenced in training courses and other documentation including methods. It will not seek to set out a single approach, but to identify areas of coherence.

Style Guidelines

  • Article length between 3,000 and 5,000 words
  • Case length around 1,500 words
  • Harvard style references (at end of chapter)

Deadlines and key actions

  • 26FEB21 Final list of authors confirmed
  • 30APR21 Deadline for drafts
  • 14MAY21 Deadline for peer review
  • 1JUN21 Final draft

Main Contents


Dave Accepted


John Van Breda Accepted

SenseMaker® and the Sciences: Towards a New “Normal”

Emma Accepted

"Not something I would have predicted": Aesthetics, Cynefin and Complexity

Jules Accepted, research assistance from Marianne Yim

SenseMaker® and technology/software/architecture

Ken Accepted

Artificial Intelligence/ Training data sets / Anticipatory Triggers / Big, thick and rich data

Peter Accepted

SenseMaker® within a wider research context

Zhen Accepted

SenseMaker® and Assemblage Theory

Anna and Ellie Accepted

Narrative Landscapes & Vector theory or change

Marietjie Accepted

Polyphony and epistemic justice

Beth Accepted

In the context of development

Irene Accepted

In the context of healthcare

Rosanna and Anne Accepted

In the context of Peace and Reconciliation

Keil Accepted

SenseMaker® and Ritual

Kendra Accepted

The complexity of listening: toward a liberative and responsible approach to citizen engagement

David H Accepted

The Mind of the Analyst

Wendy E Accepted


Andy and Lisa Accepted


  • Dave Camlin: Group singing as a Resource for the Development of a Healthy Public (accepted)
  • Kai Mausch and Dave Harris: Households’ aspirations for rural development through agriculture (accepted)
  • Our Tomorrows: Jackie Counts / Kansas University (Accepted)

Sandbank of Ideas for next eBook

Reference list

All known articles, possibly with commentary