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The following tasks are being worked on

Finish first stage of Triad by MCQ

Allow for all the standard triad options from the left menu - currently picking up the defaults from the triad page.

Dyad by MCQ Small Multiple - Workbench version

The user selects a dyad and then one (or more - but will start at one) MCQs and it graphs the dyads for each of the MCQs selected - one per MCQ item.

Can brush, click, print etc. on the graphs produced.

Extend in this tab to all graph types - e.g. Dyad/Triad x,y plots by MCQ etc.

Triad Dyad X,Y Plot


  1. Implement basic the x,y plots for dyads.
  2. Enable brushing for display/filter.
  3. Enable hover for display/filter.
  4. Provide stats at the base of the graphs
  5. Provide correlation (linear and non-linear) lines in the graph
  6. Enable heatmaps with colour palette selection
  7. Enable user selection of the anchors to display (as sets of x,y anchor selections).

This includes automatic pair combinations of dyad anchors plotted with graph save, and property setting (such as line, contour colours and sizes).

To do

  1. Once dyads complete, implement triads
  2. Enable left/right and X,Y selections (currently using the left label and X and Y taken in the order of (re what is x and what is y) D1D2, D1D3, ..., D1Dn, D2D3, ..., D2Dn, ..., Dn-1Dn). We may wish to select the Y label and order first by D2D1

NOTE - we don't mix dyad and triad anchors in an x,y plot, as the data represents proportional values and proportions of a composite of 3 is very difficult (impossible?) to compare with a composition of 2.


Document the More Like This module

And set up next stage of development for it.