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The following tasks are being worked on

Word cloud for multiple languages

The word cloud should stem and stop word (standard lists) for all languages

This has been completed for the main European Languages. Further work required for other languages

Get MCQ colour working and update percentage graphs to the latest count graph styles

The colour option now works for counts and percentages.

In Progress

  1. Add right hand menu to:
    1. Display/hide colour legend
    2. Control fill opaqueness
    3. Set bar border colour
    4. See if we can get dodge display for colour with counts above each colour
    5. Display stats

This is now complete for now - point number 4 - dodge, which has been added as a future task

Add stones to small multiples

Look at the stones heatmap plot as per Mark

An extension and completion of the experimental plots - do x and y axis (x on x, y on y dot and contour/heat)

Finish right hand side menus and debug what is complete

Issues surrounding incompleteness and some features not working properly.

This task has been completed and deployed, and will be removed from here shortly

Add heatmaps and contour lines to triads

This task has been completed and deployed and will be removed from here shortly

Workbench link from Dashboard definition when filter is applied

When using Workbench to access a Dashboard set up using meta-data filter, how do we make sure Workbench only shows results after the meta-data

NOTE: check that this is working for non-meta columns as well as meta columns

Enable filtering on selected meta-columns in the framework

Enable the user to select specific meta-columns in the framework and add to a new left menu called "Meta filters"

This task has been completed and deployed

Long fragments in the fragment list are not wrapping

The fragment list text should wrap at the end of each line and not disappear off the table.

This has been completed and will be removed from here shortly

CSV Export to export labels option and not just IDs

Currently column headers and MCQ entries are GUIDS, but need to be titles

This has been completed and will be removed from here shortly

Document the More Like This module

This is in progress for a pdf document but will be added as a wiki.