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This is the sandbox for Triopticon - link for the page https://cynefin.io/wiki/Triopticon

Brief for task

Stage 1

This is for Field Guide publishing milestone

  • General process
  • Accelerated time scale process
  • Roles - Code of Conduct / Expectations

Stage 2

Once method is stable, produce a video/animation as a guide

  • Storyboard to guide production shots
  • Visual Style
  • Voiceover - record script
  • Visual Production

Stage 3

Facilitators Guide / Playbook (content plus graphic designed)

  • Overview
  • Usage
  • Walkthorugh
  • Participants briefing
  • Directions for facilitators
  • Roles - Code of Conduct / Expectations
  • Materials / Artefacts required

Articles/pages that need to be populated or created

  • Building the ------- page

Request section - things we need like drawings

  • Do we need a picture of some examples

Sandbox Area

Drop the experiments below