Workbench Definition (Comparison with Dashboard)

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The Workbench

The Workbench is a general purpose data analytical tool designed to support the interpretation of collected SenseMaker® framework data. Its focus is on any one of the following:

  1. Large data volumes
  2. Statistical methods
  3. Algebraic approaches
  4. Aggregation visualisation graphics

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is a generic data visualisation tool aimed at giving overviews, quick patterns, collection management support and executive summary graphics for SenseMaker® framework data. The two tools will have some overlap, but the purposes will typically be different.

Other Approaches

The approaches listed here are not part of the Workbench community focus, although the openAPIs may have a strong interest amongst members so could be included in content and discussion.

  1. SenseMaker® imbedded visualisations will provide context sensitive analytical or graphical feedback information within the SenseMaker® application (including collection) in a more integrated way. Thus the ability to provide real-time in context alerts and respondent feedback information in required contexts.
  2. OpenAPIs will enable third party developers to provide their own tools under licence, bringing diversity but in particular specialisation in analytical tools.