Cynefin: weaving sense-making into the fabric of our world

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Might be better as Cynefin at 21

The open-source preview chapters of Weaving sense-making into the fabric of our world contain an extended set of reflections by Dave Snowden. These highlight Anthro-complexity's roots in the early days of knowledge management, the emergence of rival schools of sense-making, dialogues over decades of teaching, trans-disciplinary inputs and more. The remaining chapters include contributions from many who have been involved since the early days, including Mary E. Boone and Viv Read. The Cynefin®-21 celebrations included further reflections on the emergence of Anthro-Complexity as a field, including Cynefin® is not an island with Ann Pendleton-Jullian, Gary Klein, Yasmin Merali and Pierpaolo Andriani, 21 years of pioneering and stewarding and Cynefin® and its Welsh Roots (see also #references, below).

The Cynefin® celebrations also included webinars showing that across the globe, many others have been developing the theory and praxis of Anthro-Complexity in interesting ways. For example, Zhen Goh introduced a series of blogs and video interviews from across Asia. Ian Macdonald hosted interviews from Brazil (in Portuguese]. Stories from the Field webinars covered Agriculture, Mining Formalization and Communities, International Development / Conflict Resolution and An IKEA learning journey. Sessions were also held in French and in Spanish, and Michael Cheveldave hosted two sessions on Cynefin® and Safety. The Cognitive Edge Blog also contains many posts by authors other than Dave Snowden: use the drop down search facility to pick from authors such as Anna Panagiotou, Tony Quinlan, Valdis Krebs and Eleanor Snowden.