EXP Entangled trios

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Linked to the entangled trio method as an open experiment within a Linkedin environment to see how a diverse network forms and if it can help provide solutions to intractable problems.

Ostensive purpose

To create a distributed narrative database of lessons learnt and ideas for a post Covid society

Other purposes


  • Participants create a database of their roles and attributes
  • Rules are created for initial pair formation within the 1st level of linkage on Linkedin (Valdis)
  • Pairs then agree a trio from a generated list who must not be within two Linkedin connections of either pair
  • The EU Field guide app is distributed to all participants with a unique identifier (Dave)
  • app is used to gather resources and generate ideas
  • specific tasks and engagement in micro-scenario planning are set and agreed
  • dashboard to be set up for all participants to access data (Dave)

Turning point initiation

If something major happens the emerging network will focus on it and publish


Participation to be added to Assessment process