List of current issues/Remaining Work

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Currently, there is no SEO setup for this wiki. It needs to be done in order to make wiki more visible on Internet. It is fine to not have this work if this wiki wants to remain for internal purposes.

  1. Setup robots.txt
  2. Setup and configure mw:Extension:WikiSEO
  3. Setup and configure mw:Extension:AutoSitemap
  4. Create documentation for users


Peter will give the cookie statement and Jay will deploy the MediaWiki extensions. It is necessary step to comply with GDPR.

Public Account creation

Currently, discussion is at List of current issues/Public creation requirements. This will take little time to implement and will have positive impact in longer run.


  • Setup AWS EBS - I am in talk with Ken. Once Ken will create the storage block, we will move the current images to new elastic block storage.
  • Final deployment script - Create and give final deployment script to Ken for disaster management.