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These are known enhancement requests and ideas for the workbench.

Code linked projects

This is an update to the platform framework definition that needs implementing

Additions to wordcloud

  1. Add cloud per text plus combined and combined with user text signifier selection
  2. Add cloud by MCQ
  3. See other displays that might be useful

Update helper functions to include the MCQ Other options

Currently the MCQ Other not used in the Workbench - but will be needed

Cross Dyad Contour Fill Colour Templates

The current templates do not always provide a sufficient number of colours to fill the number of contours displayed.

Provide a means to ensure a sufficient number of colours are available.

Add dodging onto bar and histograms

Currently bar charts and histograms display colour options staggered where as side by side would be a good option to have.

Add Dyad Zones to the csv export

As an option like the triad zones.

The csv export will be improved to make processing faster and simpler.

Rework hierarchical MCQs in the workbench filter selection: Phase One

The csv export will be improved to make processing faster and simpler.

Phase one because further Designer improvements will be made.

Dyad/Triad/Stone Manual x,y plot

This will enable a user to select which anchors from dyads, triads and stones to do an x,y plot, specifying x and y axis and the left to right anchors (e.g. whether the right side of the dyad to be the left side of the graph).

NOTE: we will not enable mixing triad anchors with dyads/stones but treating stones as two dyads means we can mix dyad and stone anchors.

This feature will enable you to add multiple graphs to the page as well as remove graphs. The options on the right side menu will be the same as in the current dyad x,y plot.

Performance improvements

  1. Look at the load times in particular and see how certain activities can be delayed
  2. Rework the multiple select MCQ plot functions for MCQ graph printing to be simpler and more efficient
  3. Similarly for the stones (stone and multi-select MCQ logic implemented prior to the 2.4 version with IDs everywhere)

Shinyapps.io performance settings

  1. Research and ensure our deployment is optimal

Add languages/vocabs to workbench

Rework MCQ bar chart tab

Add stones to small multiples

Properly implement hierarchical MCQs

Add more like this fragment displays as iframe to explorer

Finish Dashboard parameter use

  1. Add date to filter
  2. Add signifier restrictions if defined

Provide basic sentiment analysis work

Investigation and proof of concept for supervised training

Note - the idea of graphs over time

Add clear option to the triad zone selection

Recognising that this will need to work with dyads and stones

Check anova on Compositions package for publishing work

But in current anova code - this is urgent once fix has been deployed

Goodness of fit for discrete analysis from ps files to network diagrams

Initially try anything that is interactive

Implement correlation diagrams

Along with goodness of fit - and a network graph package needs to be selected and also provide table output. Checkout ggally.

Triad/Dyad/Stone by MCQ Small Multiple - Tableau version

In the Tableau version implemented by Paul Ader, and used across the community, the triads by MCQ (small multiples) is displayed as a cross tab of two selected MCQs. This is an equally useful but different output to the standard original Workbench one.

Add dyad and stone zones

For all the generic filtering - quintiles for dyads and stone 9 filter

The dyad filtering is complete, and will be removed from here soon

Implement Paul Ader's generic stone zone count calculating algorithm

When stones have demarcated areas (say a set of boxes) to place stones - enable counts within the boxes.

Enable user defined colours for MCQ and Stone colour

define a tab with a table showing each of the MCQ items and stones and enable users to set colours and save by 1. user 2. user/framework definition 3. framework definition

Use %age bar for load message instead of static

Provide user save option and annotations to save and document current state

  1. To be able to return to previously defined positions
  2. Provide annotation to the save itself
  3. Annotation to areas of the workbench

Complete MoreLikeThis documentation

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