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The backlog has been kept small so that the list represents imminent development. These can change (move out of backlog) if other priorities intervene.

Triad/Dyad/Stone by MCQ Small Multiple - Tableau version

In the Tableau version implemented by Paul Ader, and used across the community, the triads by MCQ (small multiples) is displayed as a cross tab of two selected MCQs. This is an equally useful but different output to the standard original Workbench one.

CSV Export to export labels option and not just IDs

Enable user defined colours for MCQ and Stone colour

define a tab with a table showing each of the MCQ items and stones and enable users to set colours and save by 1. user 2. user/framework definition 3. framework definition

For this enable RGB codes as well as pallet selection.

Use %age bar for load message instead of static