Current deployment ideas

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This page has been created to enable users to make comments and suggestions on the current workbench deployment deployment.

This page is not for new requirements ideas - e.g. new types of analysis features or output - please use New Module and Module Component Ideas for new ideas. For bugs other than those uniquely associated with the new version, please use Known Bugs

The following page also has the remainder tasks from the first round of deployment work for the new layout, which was undertaken by our intern Quick ux and ui update list

  1. See if the right menu can scroll independently of the other paynes.
  2. Sort a default opening module and tab (current suggestion is the All Signifiers module and Basic Counts tab.
  3. Tidy the left system level menu to display cleanly the depth of options. Thus also revert the colour select back to a dropdown (currently the dropdown doesn't display cleanly resulting from inadequate spacing, "fixed" by turning into a list box).
  4. Automatically open and close the right menu as it is (and isn't) required.
  5. See if the funnel icon on the top right hand side (for opening the right menu) can be kept on display when the left menu is closed (currently closing the left menu pushes the top menu to the right)