Cynefin Basecamp

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ALL training material is subject to a non-commercial share and share alike licence. You are welcome to contribute to, and comment on the material as well as copy it for personal use but you cannot offer commercial courses without the explicit consent of Cognitive Edge

This is an entry-level programme designed to be taught by CE facilitators as well as third parties

Learning objectives

Virtual Cynefin® Basecamp is an immersive experience of complexity, introducing participants to the application of the Cynefin® framework and its tools and methods through first-person participation. Currently offered in a virtual environment, this course is aimed at those new to complexity and Cynefin®. For those who are well-read in the subject but want to refresh their knowledge, this course offers an opportunity to engage with others in learning about Cynefin® practices in today’s context.


  • Four 3-hour virtually facilitated sessions.
  • Course pre-work and in-between session study: Video lectures, reading
  • Available instructional languages:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Dutch/German
    • French (in development)

Participants will

HOLDING. Update with final course revisions.

Session 1

The following methods and concepts are covered in Session 1:

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Work products of previous courses