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Workbench User and References Manuals

This is work in progress for the Workbench software and will need structuring

This is not an area for discussing feature requirements or Workbench improvements. click here for that.

Known Issues

  1. Known Bugs
  2. Known Nuisances

Purpose and Scope

The workbench is a SenseMaker® product designed to aid analysts in their analytical tasks. It's focus is on:

  1. Flexible slicing and dicing/filtering the data.
  2. Large data volume analysis.
  3. Use of algebraic techniques to enhance visualisation and interrogation of data.
  4. Use of statistical techniques to enhance visualisation and interrogation of data.
  5. Use of statistical techniques to enable pure statistical reporting and testing such as exploring differences in means, projecting data into the future, data metric exploration, analysing correlations and relationships and determining cohorts.
  6. Provision of batch processes that entail high computational processes for subsequent workbench use.
  7. others

Structure and General Features

Insert visual and explain the top menu options, module list, tabs for each module, filtering

  1. Workbench Structure describes the basic menus and panel structures for the Workbench.

Specific Modules

  1. All Signifier module.
  2. More Like This module.

Specific Components

  1. CSV Column Guide
  2. Navigating into 2.4 workbench