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The Workbench Community forum area is designed to enable discussion on all aspects of the Workbench product.

This is not a product manual, for the workbench product user manual please go here

You are encouraged to add pages and modify and improve any page you find here. Any contentious issues, we can use discussion.


The following areas introduce the Workbench community ideas.

  1. Introduction, Purpose and Community Makeup
  2. Workbench Definition (Comparison with Dashboard)
  3. Workbench Structure
  4. Modules
  5. Types of software changes in discussion

The types of software changes are split here between application functionality discussions and technical framework discussions.

Comments and Ideas on Current New Layout Deployment

Current deployment ideas use this link to contribute any ideas to the current workbench deployment.

Current Development/Research Tasks

These are the tasks under current research and development by the CE team.

Current list of known problems and Jira Tasklist

These pages contain any problems that are encountered with the software. A Bug is there the software crashes and a Nuisance is where a calculation, say is wrong, or simple presentation changes would greatly enhance use.

  1. Known Bugs
  2. Known Nuisances

Jira is our development team work tracking system. The following Workbench related items are in the system.

  1. Tasks currently in progress
  2. Tasks in backlog waiting

Application functionality discussions

A separate page for each of the types.

  1. UX Ideas
  2. New Module and Module Component Ideas
  3. Tidy Up and Small Change Improvements
  4. New simple feature requests
  5. New feature requests that may not be simple
  6. Major workbench framework features

Add documents that explain, describe or comment on new ideas for analytical work that could be included in the

Technical Framework Discussions

This area of discussion and work centres on technical R questions within the Workbench Framework. They are given in Workbench Architectural Requirements page.

R and R Shiny Coding Discussions

This area is for discussions around code. Code snippets may be posted here but we should probably set up a git repository for any code we wish to talk about. A now common method is to wrap code into notebook style using markdown in RStudio - this should be considered.

The R code discussion area is given here